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Leasing a car can be simply explained as renting a house on two major conditions: one is the monthly fee and secondly, you have to return the. . .
A car is a liability, not an asset. A car needs regular maintenance along with its taxes and fuel consumption, and that is a recurring cross we. . .
Many of the car brokers will help you to look for car deals online that won’t break your heart. This is when; you need to do some. . .

New Skoda Deals



From £9,737
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From £14,469
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New Skoda Models

We like the Skoda range as it is what it is.Not to many differnet models to choose from as well as the options.The relibility is brilliant and the residuals are great compared to what they use to be.The bad taste jokes of Skoda are very much history now. 

New Skoda Prices

Skoda has never wanted to be at the top of the discount league and they really didn't have to.You either want to buy a Skoda or you don't.However, UK Car Broker has managed to get discounts just under the likes of Ford so now the likes of a Ford Mondeo driver has got another model in his price range.

Who is buying Skoda's?

When you use to walk into a showroom you was always greeted by a old aged man.Not any more as Skoda have pushed hard to get in to the younger market too.The New Skoda Fabia based on the New VW Polo has open the eyes of the younger drivers as the parents like to have there children driving something with a bit of structure to it.The New Skoda Octavia has taken the fleet market buy storm giving the company car driver another option where he or she cannot stretch to the posh badges but doesn't want to be driving a Ford or Vauxhall.

New Skoda deals

Simply click on your chosen model below sto see what we can save you on your new Skoda car.


The New Skoda Superb offers incredible space and an all new high end interior. There are many who question if a 5 Series or E Class is really worth 20,000 more than the new skoda UK Superb?

Skoda history

How ironic is it that Western Europe has reviled one of the world's oldest car makers for so long, yet the company has retaliated with its strength of product to become a hugely desirable brand? Well, it has happened for Skoda cars and its trade values for used models are now as good, if not better in most instances, than those for several prestige marques. Yet, it could have been all so different in the late-1980s, just after the Berlin Wall fell and "The Velvet Revolution" took place in what has become the Czech Republic. Had it not been for poet and teacher, Vaclav Havel, and the students' revolt against the Communists residing in their country, things could have been all too different. From having been the centre of the Holy Roman Empire to becoming annexed by Moscow, Czechoslovakia had been at the forefront of style and design, only to be forced to work for a state that frowned on free enterprise. Skoda's early history includes such luminary products as Hispano-Suiza that had changed to a well-engineered but seriously low value rear-engined line-up of models in the early-1980s.

Once independence had been claimed, both Renault and Volkswagen entered a bidding war for a partnership with the Czech government. VW won and new Skoda UK has surged forwards as a carmaker of some considerable merit, capable of introducing exceptionally high engineering standards across the entire Group. At one time, the brand was little more than an opportunity for a joke, presented by the UK's leading comedians of the era but the brand fought back to produce its present line-up of hugely desirable motorcars. Of course, car-snobs would never admit that they are drawn to Skoda cars and it has become a discerning buy for many UK customers. However, nobody will deny the brand's inexorable move up-market." Skoda UK Auto offers highly very competitive personal contract purchase prices, commercial users (normally VAT regd) will find the Skoda lease purchase and contract hire prices irresistable - offering low monthly Skoda hire and rentals. A New Skoda car can also be purchased with a low rate personal loan with repayments between 2 and 8 years. Contact us for the full range of Skoda finance options. 



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Hello Kevin, Just e-mailing to thank you for all your help with the purchase of my new car. It arrived on Friday and is absolutely perfect, just as I wanted it! The service I received from your company has been absolutely outstanding and. . .

Michelle Jones
All You Need To Know About Personal Car Leasing
Leasing a car can be simply explained as renting a house on two major conditions: one is the monthly fee and secondly, you have to return the car keys on the cease of your leasing period. Different from commercial car leasing, personal leasing of car involves interaction between. . .
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