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LATEST NEWS: 2018 Range Rover Sport

The arrival of the new range rover model is expected in early 2018, in various power configurations including a hybrid and an upgraded SRV - ultra-powerful version that will be powered by a supercharged V8 petrol engine which produces 565bhp and can sprin...
2018 Range Rover Sport

LATEST NEWS: Compact SUV? Try the VW T-Roc

You're thinking of buying a compact Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV), but you're not sure what to choose. Well, the good news is that your task is just about to become a little bit easier. Volkswagen are to introduce a new competitor to the market - the VW T-...
Compact SUV? Try the VW T-Roc

LATEST NEWS: Audi RS4 Review

Early images of the Audi RS4 confirm enlarged air scoops, large alloys and the ubiquitous RS twin oval exhaust pipes. An electric turbocharger is supposedly going to be under the bonnet to give the 3.0 litre V6 instant response from low revs and up to 480...
Audi RS4 Review

LATEST NEWS: Summer Shutdown Impact

If you are thinking of ordering a new car, be aware that many of the continental car manufacturers have a summer break. The 'factory fortnight' was recognised for years in the United Kingdom but has now, perhaps, become a thing of the past.
Summer Shutdown Impact