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Audi A6


Before jumping into the specs of the Audi A6, it is better to gain some clarity about this discussion—A6 is the typically executive Audi. It is not meant to be sporty or compact in any way. It is essentially a slightly toned down version of popular business luxury sedans. By Audi’s general standards, the A6 might not be stretched to the maximum but it is among the bigger sedans in this segment. At the time of its entry, the A6 was targeted at those who seek subtle style and refinement.

 A clutter-free interior with all the accessories needed for turning the interiors into a mobile office cabin were ensured. The mid-size Audi A6 wasn’t introduced with the mindset of overwhelming the customers with luxury features. Instead, it tried to impress with its refined driving dynamics. Did it succeed? Largely, it did!

For some, the A6 just wasn’t Audi enough. However, the A6 has chosen not to change its cluster of features too much. It continues to engage the attention of the luxurious business traveller. Despite being a slick city ride, it doesn’t have poor off-roading capabilities. The reasonably good ground clearance and a sublime engine ensure you can overcome countryside terrains with ease.

Getting Started: All the Dope on the Audi A6 Visuals

Despite helping us reduce our carbon footprints, we haven’t taken a liking to the increasingly aluminium-favoured construction in contemporary luxury models. Perhaps, the folks designing the Audi A6 had a similar viewpoint. This is why it uses a progressive, aluminium and steel hybrid chassis.  The difference is very palpable—the more robust Audi A6 stands far ahead its Asian competitors. The build quality is definitely supreme. Just run your hand along its silhouette and you feel that typically, no-nonsense attribute of steel trying to tell you that this Audi is serious about outliving some of its contemporaries by a few decades.

Overall, the designing is rather compact. Nothing seems out of proportion. For some, the design might be minimal but Audi has never engaged road presence by shouting for attention. It likes to play the subtle card and the Audi A6 does and excellent job of this. Slim C-pillars and very effective rear quarter lights gives you an edge during poorly lit weather conditions. Despite having a smaller boot aperture, Audi A6 grants you a wider rear screen view—something we loved since most cars these days seem too enthusiastic about rear view cameras. Our necks are still in good shape and we like turning our heads when reversing.

The Audi A6 sports 17-inch rims that aren’t big by modern day standards but again, the A6 sticks to its well groomed reputation rather astutely. As compared to its immediate equals in the Mercedes E-class and BMW 5-series stable, the Audi A6 might seem a bit humbler but this is just an illusion. Step closer and you realize that the sleek bonnet of Audi A6 exudes indisputable style.

The Audi A6 features plush interiors, wrapped in premium leathers. At first glance, it might appear that the interiors aren’t too snug. This is perhaps due to the colour combinations that seem to have been bettered by the likes of Mercedes and BMW. We liked the cabin for its simplicity. It does away with an overload of gadgets and the MMI Control System does a brilliant job of optimizing the overall functioning. You need to make minimal selections to ensure that the power delivery is linear.

Surprisingly, we found the Audi A6 to have a rather spacious boot, almost as good of the A8—something nobody had indicated when we had set out to evaluate this German beauty. Standard Sat-Nav is a definite bonus in this class and sits in perfect harmony with the standard equipment. We feel that the extra cost of S-line trim over the SE which gets you bigger wheels, lowered suspension, some snazzy interior & exterior trims, sports seats, xenon headlights, and LED rear lights is  justified.

Performance & Handling

Offering a smooth ride without any lags in acceleration in the diesel or petrol version, the Audi A6 ensures you of a power train, albeit a slightly restrained one. On the 3.0 TDI’s V6 engine, you might feel a slight gentle shudder but it really doesn’t bother much. The twin-clutch gearbox ensures smoother transitions at corners, keeping the revs low an easier task. The drag coefficient of Audi A6 is much lower, underlining it to be the perfect city ride.

You get a front-drive or all wheel drive options in this Audi saloon with grip, balance and poise, giving you the satisfaction of a very assured ride. There is something lacking in the fluidity of steering response but this is only when you are struggling at the lowest revs. You will not go off centre with the A6. More assurance in the form of an insulated drive comes via the Autobahn Stability.

The body roll is negligent, even when taking big turns on terrains that are more rugged. Strong acceleration is very apparent when you cross the 1600-rpm threshold. This Audi stays in the thick of the torque’s upper curve until 4000 rpm. In fact, you get a near-perfect flow of power-gear ratios. The A6 gallops quickly from 0 mph to 60 mph in 8.9 sec.

How to get the best Audi A6 experience?

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