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Audi R8

Essence of Audi UK cars in AUDI R8

Audi UK range of elegant and fast marques has taken over the automotive industry since it launched itself in the market. It has reached the niche where any new offering by it leads rave reviews, and only leaves every one enthralled and dazzled. Its legacy car AUDI R8  is no different in terms of popularity but lot different in terms of features and designing.

The car is fuming with splendid interior and sublime exterior. The car proudly takes the appellation of being the first in all Audi UK cars to have mid-engine. Apart from it the car is the proud winner of several motor sport competitions. 24hours Le Man races is one such event. The car is multifunctional and is ideal for both race courses and regular roads. The engine is infused with 420 bhp power supply. In 2008 AUDI R8  was declared the world car. The car rovers and zealots celebrated its victory with fervor of the festivity. The car is more sultry and alluring than Audi's previous incarnations. The car comes brimming with nifty innovative additions such as sweeping rear indicator lights and impressively designed new LED lights. All lights have S tronic transmission which is optional in the car.

Audi UK provides its automobiles in variety of types such as coupe, sedan, SUV, compact, convertible and station. Its R8 Coupe is something that every speed enthusiast would love check out. The wheels of this AUDI R8  car model are designed with alloy and have 19" '5-arm double-spoke'. It includes a kit which is dedicated to repair tools for the tyre. The wheel has locking bolts and sports suspension. The sports suspension comes encompassed with the hybrid of finely tuned spring and damper. Owing to the fact the all Audi cars have opulent interiors, this car has been granted with comfortable sporty but la mode seats. The heated seats have electrical lumbar support. The steering wheel is shielded with leather and has 3-spoke flat-bottom. A good steering enhances control on the vehicle, and the steering of this AUDI R8 car model is provided with gear knob made of aluminium and a functional lever gate.

The other captivating features of this car model are Driver's Information System (DIS), electronic climate control, partition window in heated engine, glove box which is lockable and has light, black lining of roof, and many such. Audi has reached the epitome of success, and its flamboyance and grandeur is irrefutable. Its other model R8 Spyder also exudes with splendid features. The door mirrors can be opened and closed electronically. The heated windows of the rear and front can be retractable electrically. The lights on the exterior of this AUDI R8  car model also consist of exit lights. It also has a retractable rear spoiler which has the capability to draw back or maneuver into the position automatically. One can also adjust it manually with the aid of the button devoted to it. The headlights are LED equipped and the car is fully automatic.

Safety is the most important thing one looks for while procuring a car. This Audi car model is granted with world's austere security equipment. Some examples of these are anti-lock braking system (ABS), anti-slip regulation (ASR), anti-theft alarm, electronic differential control (ESC), electronic differential lock (EDL), ISOFIX which also has a switch that can deactivate the airbag for front passenger, remote central locking, seat belt reminder etc.
This AUDI R8  car model also has top notch audio and communication system. The concert radio consists of a CD player with speakers on the back. The music system facilitates USB storage device connection, MP3 players, Apple ipods etc.

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