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New Audi RS3 Saloon

Audi has finally produced the New Model 2019 Audi RS3 version of the New Audi RS3 Saloon model based on the all new Audi A3 platform.The New Audi RS3 Saloon is one of the fastest hot Saloon on sale today. Offering an alternative to the likes of the Volkswagen Golf R and Mercedes A45 AMG, the smartly styled five-door blends a gorgeous interior with startling performance and all-weather grip.

Due to the new bodyshell being more lightweight the car undercuts the old model by 55kg in the 4 door model, and lighter weight means better performance but also reduced emissions and improved fuel economy with figures of 34.8mpg combined on the official EU test and 189g/km on the CO2 meter. 

Standard equipment includes an aggressive body kit, Nappa leather interior with heated front seats, a Bluetooth phone connection, front and rear parking sensors, but no sat-nav and no reversing camera. Two pieces of kit you could reasonably expect to get in a car of this price.

Picking a colour is always a tough choice for a new car. A less flattering shade could potentially have a marked effect on resale values and leave you forever having to clean it. We’ve run through the eight colour choices for the New Audi RS3, so which is your favourite?

Audi RS3 Hatcbach and New Audi RS3 Saloon Colours

Nardo grey

Nardo grey is a flat, medium grey shade. On the basic A3 Sportback, this primer-like finish might look a little cheap, but on an aggressive, wide-arched RS Audi it has a mean and moody look. It won’t be the obvious choice for most meaning it might not sell on the used market as easily as other shades, but we think it looks great. It’ll hide dirt very well.

Catalunya red

This bright, metallic red is a very popular choice among Audi RS buyers. It’s loud and bold, and perfectly matches the in-your-face attitude you’d expect from a 362hp superhatch. Its brashness will win it fans on the used market but relatively regular cleaning will be needed to keep it looking good.

Floret silver

If you’re being true to Audi’s motorsport heritage, then Floret silver would be the colour to pick. It’s hard to go wrong with a silver car, but there are many on the road so extroverts should steer clear. It’ll show up road dirt fairly badly without regular cleaning but, if you do, it’ll sell easily on the used market.

Glacier white

If you spec your RS3 in Glacier white, you can be confident that it’ll provide a solid financial return come trade-in time considering the current popularity of white cars. White is the worst colour for road dirt, however, so make sure you budget for plenty of car washes.

Mythos black

This is a pretty standard metallic black so will always have a queue of people on the used market waiting to take it off your hands. Don’t cut corners when you clean it, however, because black shows up swirl marks from cheap car washes easily.

Daytona grey

Many Audis on the road are a sparkly grey similar to this, so buyers looking to blend in should take note. It’ll hide dirt well so won’t require that much cleaning and will tempt plenty of used buyers when you come to resell it.

Sepang blue

Like Catalunya red, Sepang blue is one of the shades that Audi often uses in its press photos to best show off the car. We think it looks great – eye-catching yet quite classy at the same time. Used buyers will push hard for this colour but it won’t hide dirt as well as darker shades.

Panther black crystal

At first glance, it might be hard to work out much of a difference between Mythos and Panther black. Look at it under sunlight and the extra £225 for the latter starts to justify itself. The pearlescent flake adds a brown tint in bright sunlight, which looks classy. It’ll hide dirt well and sell easily on the used market, although, you might not make all the costs back.

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