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BMW 5 Series

New BMW 5 SERIES UK  is more captivating and performance driven.
BMW UK portfolio includes the most preppy and ostentatious cars the world ever witnessed. Throwing some light on the brand's history, it is worth noting that brand has made its global reputation with its profound commitment to precision and desire to challenge the traditional to bring innovation.
Counted among the best opulent cars BMW 5 SERIES UK is no less than a hooligan where the owner gets the opportunity to devour luxury along with extreme performance and comfort. The car features preppy interior and enticing exterior. It is formulated with 6 cylinder engines that will eat up any mountain on the road to provide you with a smooth and jerk free ride. The makers very well understand that the first thing a buyer looks for in the car is safety, and this car is equipped with first and second row tube headline airbags. Granted with aggressive and drooling looks, this car is a big giant and no belle.
Following the footsteps of BMW's 3 series, New BMW 5 SERIES  is the second best selling model among all BMW's marques. The series has been awarded with many awards since it has been unveiled. In 2011, giving tough competition to other legendary cars- Audi and Volvo, the series was voted as the "Next Greencar Executive Car" in Next GreenCar awards. BMW 520d Touring bagged the acclaim of being the cleanest, fastest, and frugal automobile at Towcar Awards 2011.
Bestowed with the right balance of ride and handling, this car is ideal for both commuters and speed fanatics. It is roomy enough to accommodate four people along with providing suffice space to keep luggage. BMW 5 SERIES  is neither too big nor too small, it is just the perfect size one can ask for. The brand has been launching the enhanced versions of marques in its 5 series since 1972, and every time it unveils its new incarnation, the market is left flabbergasted and awe struck. The series has become favorite hottie among car enthusiasts and this single series contributes about 50% profit to the company per year.
Adrian Van Hooydonk is the director of design of BMW and he has contrived the car such that it has become the finest example of best breed. The aluminium bonnet of new BMW 5 SERIES UK is swanky and posh, it oozes immense grandeur and looks very majestic. Made from durable material, and galvanized with sparkling hues, the exterior of the car is free from nicks and abrasions. The window mirrors can be operated electronically, and side mirrors won’t show any fissures and blemishes ever. The latest marques in 5 series have been granted with the wheelbase that accumulates three inches more. The doors are elegant and are lighter than the previous 5 series. But overall the latest series weighs heavier than the old series. The revamped cabins are supplied with graceful and flexible leather furnishing. The brightly polished wooden surface and accentuating plastic formations of BMW 5 SERIES UK exude the flashes of beauty and style in the cabins. Provided with comfortable and big seats one does not have to sacrifice on the head and leg room. The steering wheel feels soft on touch and will not let the vehicle go disoriented.
The steering has been given two paddles. These paddles simplify change of gear. Provided with 3 litre diesel engine, and 166g/km CO2 emissions, its perfect for fast and smooth ride. The suspension can be changed from normal and can be customized. The wheels measure up to 15 inches and provide a firm and powerful grip even on an uneven road. Even the petrol model of BMW 5 SERIES UK is very utilitarian. It holds many striking features under its belt such as anti-roll stability management, Dynamic Damper Control, Dynamic Drive, Active Steering etc. 
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