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Back when the New BMW X6 first appeared around a decade ago, few could have guessed it would become such a trend-setter. Now though, not only does BMW offer a coupe version of its biggest BMW X5 SUV, but the smaller BMW X3 has also been given a coupe sister itself. 

The New 2019 BMW X6 is based on the new BMW X5 and follows the same design language laid down by that model. As a result, the BMW X6’s most distinctive new feature is its huge front grille that looks like a pair of flared nostrils and has individual kidney elements that join in the middle. 

Inside this new car you can expect slight improvements on interior space with the BMW X6 capable of carrying four people and their luggage for a week with ease. 

You also notice improvements to the car’s infotainment system with the New BMW X6 destined to get BMW’s latest i-drive 7.0 operating system. It gets two huge infotainment screens – one in the centre of the dashboard and another that replaces the conventional dials behind the steering wheel. The latter has a new angular design rather than the circular instruments you might expect to find.