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Jaguar F Pace

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The New Jaguar F-Pace is the company's first SUV and a rival to everything from the Audi Q5 and BMW X3 through to the Porsche Macan, such is the breadth of its engine options and pricing structure.

Buyers can choose a relatively frugal four-cylinder diesel model. While at the other end of the range, there's a riotous, and pricey, supercharged V6 petrol. 

The F-Pace is roughly the same size as sister company Land Rover's Discovery Sport, with which it shares some of its oily bits. However, it isn’t simply a rebadged Land Rover; its underpinnings actually have more in common with Jaguar’s XE and XF saloons. 

As a result, the body is super-stiff and there’s lots of aluminum and other lightweight materials to keep its weight down and improve agility. The F-Pace is very much a road-focused SUV, even though four-wheel-drive versions have some clever off-roading technology; cheaper models actually make do with rear-wheel drive. 

A 2.0-litre diesel engine will accounts for the bulk of F-Pace sales, while a pair of 3.0-litre units (one diesel, one petrol) are also available. The 2.0-litre can be ordered with rear-wheel drive and a manual gearbox, whereas the 3.0-litres are automatic and all-wheel drive only.