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Evoque For Sale

The Range Rover Evoque is a car that has blown apart the segment for small off roaders producing what is easily the most desirable and best looking Range Rover ever, and moving it straight to the top of the tree for any small 4x4 and simultaneously stealing sales from other car segments like coupes. The Range Rover Evoque Coupe has had such a huge amount of press that customer demand has been equally massive, and initial waiting lists were being quoted as 6 months to a year, but thankfully Land Rover UK has decided to release more stock into the UK marketplace meaning they are at a more sensible 3-6 months. 

The Range Rover Evoque has a chassis based on the Land rover Freelander mechanicals, which share its strengths – great off road ability, combined with a lovely ride and raised driving position. The car is more road focused than the Freelander, meaning less body roll and sharper in the corners than its stablemate. It will make it over the rough stuff off road, but needs a change of tyres to live up to the cars abilities there, and for most, the supermarket car park is the furthest it will be taken anyway.

As this is such an in demand model, the Evoque isn't being discounted much by any UK dealers yet, but this may change in time. Currently we are able to offer better finance deals that the standard Land Rover UK rates. Here at UK Car Broker we have some of the best Range Rover Evoque deals available in the UK.

There's no beating around the bush here - the Evoque is expensive when you consider what it offers on a purely rational basis, however, people don't buy cars purely based on cold logic, and the Range Rover Evoque prices are set at this level due to the huge desirability factor involved, much in the way that the Mini was able to charge far more than a typical volume selling small hatchback. At the end of the day they are selling like hot cakes, so Land Rover is justified in is decision to offer the car with a premium price tag and residual values should stay high accordingly come resale time.

The 2018 Evoque is for sale in the following colours: Buckingham Blue Metallic, Firenze Red Matallic, Galway Green Metallic, Indus Silver Metallic, Ipanema Sand Metallic, Orkney Grey, Sumatra Black and Solid Fuji White.