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Mercedes A Class


Though 3rd generation A- Class concept has been introduced only an year before, it has already won millions of hearts worldwide, making people go gaga over it, thereby unleashing the driving fantasies of common people with a style. The upcoming models are just about to roll out the stores sooner or later and taking in consideration the delight of small families, Mercedes is bringing something more sophisticated and unique this time. It has bounced back with new style and more power. A-class models have always been known for their power since their inception in1997. But the new A-Class Mercedes Benz has got something much better to offer.

Though A-class is new but its unparalleled dynamics and sophisticated design sets it apart among its other counterparts. Innovative manoeuvre of hi-tech engineers and designers have resulted in a birth of class of cars that would meet the requirements of a small family. According to Gorden Wagener, Head of Design at Mercedes Benz,” Translating the new dynamic style of Mercedes-Benz into the compact class was a challenge that was great fun to tackle" No car in this segment is as progressive as the Mercedes-Benz class".

Sweep your eyes over the vehicle exteriors; the look and feel is highly aesthetic. Everything is out of the ordinary. The fusion of dynamic design and excellent aerodynamics is what the vehicle boasts of along with its defined edges and finely drawn surfaces. The striking features that catch your eyes suddenly are modern twin louvre radiator grille at the front and technology infused design of the wheels. The other emphatic feature is AMG equipment lines that are etched across the body. Flashy headlamps along with embedded LED light function configuration and tail lights at the back add to the car's ostentatious beauty.

A-Class models, being the most progressive than its other siblings in Mercedes brand, have an interior to die for. Open the door of the hatchback and peep inside to have a glance of highly luxurious and plush leather seats in a different colour combination ranges. The sporty seats don't even look like they are a part of a compact vehicle and provides you with the driving fun and optimum comfort. Now moving to the cabin, you will love to try your hands on 3-spoke steering wheel that has 12 function buttons and electroplated bezel. The instrument panel consists of five round vents and the instrument cluster incorporates two large instruments each with a small dial within. And the best part- Central Media Display which is the communication centre of the new A class

models. If you opt for command online variant you will be gifted with intuitive internet access, 3D map display and not to mention music selection by Cover Flow! The Drive kit plus have provisions for connection of apple iPhones!

Well the interiors and exteriors do not convince an enthusiastic driver to make up a mind for the purchase. There should be some other attributes which would satisfy the needs of an ardent driver. Yes, we are talking about the agility and driving fun that a car has got to offer. And A-Class car can overpower its counterparts when it comes to driving comfort. The hatchback has such a chassis that offers refined sportiness while driving a car on any type of road. Yes there is a driving stability as the vehicle has a provision for sport suspension and comfort suspension handling capabilities. The electromagnetic steering ensures safety as various steering movements are consistent. Also this class of Mercedes comes with disc brakes on wheels and Hill hold function that prevents the vehicle from rolling back on an inclined path.

As told before, the new A-Class models have come up with more power. The engines have become robust and fuel efficient than before. There are two engine variations-diesel and turbocharged petrol engines. Diesel engines consume only 3.8 L per 100 km thus being more efficient than its predecessor and petrol engines 5.4 L per 100 km. Both the engines provide the best ecological motoring along with 98g of CO2/km for diesel engine and 127g of CO2/km for petrol engines. Not to mention, some of the A-Class models will also feature radar based collision prevention system.

The A-class models for sure are going to provide a new way of motoring. After a detailed assessment of features and specifications of A-class, you will be bewitched by the cars for sure! Of course the brand name Mercedes is associated with the cars, but these groups of cars are unique and luxurious in themselves. Whether you are craving for a compact, vehicle for your family or you are ardent to experience a sporting thrill, you will love to have it! And what is the big deal if the hatchback costs you less than you ever imagined. For the best deals on A-Class Mercedes Benz cars, contact UK Car Brokers. We will land you with the best car at the cheapest rate. Get ready to set your hands on the new A-Class Mercedes steering and find yourself plunged into your driving fantasies by experiencing the pulse at every moment of your ride!