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Mercedes E Class Coupe

Redefine Luxury Through Mercedes Benz E-Class Coupe

The name “Mercedes Benz” is synonymous with style, luxury and sumptuousness, oozing from every part of it. Weaving the finest of technology into the very configuration of the car is what this German car company excels at.

Since its launch in the late 1940s, this evergreen car has captured the imagination of every one who ever dreamed of owning a car. Now in its tenth generation, the car continues to mesmerise one and all. Brimming with enthralling features, this grand car boasts of a shiny texture, classy appearance and heavy-duty material.

The Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupe is a series of executive-size cars, created by Mercedes-Benz in different body and engine configurations. With this class, Mercedes has augmented its solid flagship sedan once again.  Initially, E was used for Einspritzmotor that in German meant fuel injection. In the 1950s, this “E” was started using as a prefix to the engine categorisation. This car has emerged as the front runner in the race with the likes of BMW, Lexus and Audi. The car is ranked high in both visual and functional appeal, giving it a unique edge in the luxury car market segment. It drives like a treat on the roads.

The Mercedes-Benz E Class has evolved greatly in size. The four parallelogram shaped lamps give a distinctive character to an E-Class car. This E-class models design is more angular. In the year 2010, the design is altogether given a stylish twist with new features added. This E-class is considered as the most prominent model with over 800,000 worldwide sales. The 2014 E-class models will come in the market in mid-April. The new model will woo the car aficionados with its static LED lighting, LED tail lamps, redone side panels with latest safety system. This E-class model is safer, more stunning and priced almost close to the current models. These are the factors that truly make it distinctive.

It boasts of a tight suspension with spot-on steering. An agility-controlled sports suspension comes as an option. For the purpose of safety, it includes radar controlled sensors like PRE-SAFE Brake features and Brake-Assist PLUS. These sensors give immediate warning to the drivers regarding imminent collision and adjust the brakes for slowing down the vehicle. The car is also integrated with night vision assistance feature that gives a picture of the pedestrians crossing the road on the command system screen.  A horde of other features makes it a must addition for car lovers.

The Coupe and Sedan E Class models arrive with a horde of features to match the varied requirements. These also come with rear or all-wheel drive for enhanced usability.  With its in-built safety features, enhanced technology and price lower than the previous ones make this piece one of its kinds.

Let’s have a look in detail at what the current models hold for the car lovers:

E-Class Saloon: Mercedes has always given safety utmost importance. That is why even this E-Class is equipped with an innovative technology. The intuitive “Attention Assist” drowsiness detective system is quite sensitive to a driver’s level of attention, immediately warning him of his drowsiness. Its highly sensitive sensors monitor over more than seventy varied parameters. Mercedes Benz believes in environmental care. That is why, it keeps on enhancing its automotive technology to curb the effect on the environment. The concept of BlueEFFICIENCY arrived from there only. The technology is a combination of various advancements, like lightweight materials being used, energy-efficient power steering system, and intelligent energy management system. This technology is available in the E 350 CDI BlueEFFICIENCY car. E-Class Saloon displays style from every angle. Its sheer power lies in its sophisticated design and alluring features. It has sharply designed headlamps and a broad sized front bumper. This has an Audio 20 for a rich and crystal-clear expression of sound. It comprises of a radio with CD system that has MP3 compatibility. The media interface further adds to a user’s delight.

E-Class Cabriolet: The open-air flaunts protection systems, especially tailored to the specific design. It includes roll-over protection to match aesthetic standards and high technical needs. The car also boasts of a refined open-top silhouette, soft top fabric, arrow-shaped front, light-alloy wheels, LED tail lights along with rising rear. It has sporty refinement that draws one and all. It is finished in three colours, dark beige, dark blue or black. It can zoom on the roads with an incredible speed up to 40 kmph.

E-Class Coupe: Surround yourself with luxury through this E-Class model. It has an irresistible appeal. The amalgamation of sportiness with elegance makes it truly unique. It has LED tail lights, retractable rear windows, twin headlamps and a V-shaped front end. The Mercedes safety concept divides the safety of automobile into four different phases. A range of equipments gives it a definite dimension over other cars. The seductive design is result of the missing B-pillar and customised interior design.

Bring loads of style and panache through these E-Class Mercedes cars.