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Mercedes GLC Coupe

If you're looking for a coupe-SUV, this car has the looks very stylish Mercedes GLC Coupe and UK Car Broker are offering great discounts on this new car.its impressive interior and decent running costs mean it's a top choice. The Mercedes GLC Coupe finally arrived in the UK in 2016, taking on the BMW X4 in the niche coupe-SUV segment.

Even if you don’t see the appeal of a coupe-SUV, the GLC Coupe is definitely one of the better-looking efforts so far, with a sleeker, more natural shape than the awkward-looking 4X4. .

The GLC Coupe certainly attracts more attention than the standard GLC, which it’s closely related to. But, aside from a few chassis set-up changes, mainly to the suspension and steering, the two cars are almost identical underneath. 

That means the GLC Coupe is good to drive,The Mercedes’ steering doesn’t have much feel, and there’s still body roll through corners. While the GLC Coupe is not exactly fun to drive, there’s plenty of grip and the optional air suspension on our test car helps adapt the car’s character to different situations.