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New Volkswagen Up


The New  Volkswagen UP -  A compact and affordable 4- seater car


When one plans to buy a new car, it is always convenient to buy a 4- seater car as it lets your family fit in easily. And, when it comes to buying small cars, the tiddlers of Volkswagen are a must to consider. Volkswagen has a wide range of small cars to offer. These cars find their space on the driveways, irrespective of the city or the country.


Volkswagen Up! is one such car that brings both quality and technology to your journey.


This car was launched recently in 2102 and made news since then. It offers you all that you wish for and at the same time is very convenient on your wallet. The car comes in three trim levels: wake up, move up and high up.


It surely will give tough competition to its rivals Smart for two and Toyota iQ. It has all the values of Volkswagen embedded into it. The car is designed to be safe for its occupants and also presents comfort and convenience.


When it comes to technology, the car will surely delight you. It comes with all-new 1-liter, three-cylinder engine with two power outputs of 59 or 74bhp. It also makes use of Blue Motion Technology, which includes automatic start/stop button and brake energy recuperation. This also helps in making the car greener as it would minimize the fuel consumption and reduce harmful emissions. This in turn would also decrease the cost of running the vehicle. The 96 g CO2/km version is the most efficient of all the proposals. It appears quite unusual the way acceleration from 0-62mph takes 14.4 in 13.2 seconds for the 59 and 74bhp models. It has14" steel wheels in the first two variants and 15" in the high up! model. One may replace it with the alloy wheels by paying a small amount. The sports suspension is not available in this car.


As far as the looks are concerned its polished finish will definitely take your breath away. The car comes in various metallic, non-metallic, pearl- effect and special white colors.


The car is available in 3- door as well as 5- door variant. The lighting is also adequate. All the versions have daytime running lights, halogen clear headlights, high level third brake light, rear fog lamp, rear lights, with integrated fog lights, and reversing lights. The high up! variant also has front fog lights. The car also has heat insulating tinted glasses. Heated rear wind screen allows the driver to look through clearly and drive safely. Steering wheel is power- assisted and is height- adjustable. Split- grain leather wheel is present in the top model. All of them come with luggage compartment cover that makes your journey hassle- free. It also offers considerable storage glove box, storage compartments in front doors, folding rear seat in the wake up! model and split- folding in the other two. To add to the style the first two models come with high gloss black surrounds, which is replaced by chrome surround in the top model. All of them have a stylish center console as well. Upholstery is also considerably good and can also be customized in the top variant by paying some extra pounds.


The car is equipped with the radio/ CD Player to make your rides musical and enjoying. Maps and touch-screen navigation/radio infotainment device with integrated voice control comes in the top model but can be installed in the lower two as well.