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Audi RS6 Price

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If you’re looking for an fast large estate car UK Car Broker are selling the New Audi RS6 Avant at good prices through our UK Main Audi Dealer.

The New Audi RS6 Avant For Sale , this car has a twin-turbocharged V8 the RS6 has the power to live with most supercars and, if the standard model’s still a little ‘tepid’ for your liking, you can always go for the New  RS6 Avant Performance. It drops the basic car’s 0-62mph time from a rapid 3.9 seconds to a that-bit-sparkier 3.7 seconds. 

While speed is there in spades, handling finesse is not – the New RS6 has bus-like dimensions and Audi’s clever engineers haven’t been able to mask that. Ponderous steering does little to reassure you of the car’s abilities, but at least the quattro four-wheel drive system makes it surprisingly well behaved to drive. 

It’s also a brilliant family car – albeit one that’s expensive to run. There’s loads of space for four passengers and a boot that can swallow their luggage for a week. It can even tow a 2,100kg trailer. 

As a top-of-the-range Audi, the New Audi RS6 isn’t short of standard equipment – the list includes matrix LED headlights (which let you use full beam even in the presence of other road users), a Bose stereo, sat-nav, huge 20-inch alloy wheels and an aggressive body kit. 

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