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By UK Car Broker

Summer Shutdown Impact

If you are thinking of ordering a new car, be aware that many of the continental car manufacturers have a summer break. The 'factory fortnight' was recognised for years in the United Kingdom but has now, perhaps, become a thing of the past. Traditionally the last week in July and the first week in A...
By UK Car Broker

Quick Word About the New Audi RS3 - Speedy

In this day and age of fuel economy, safety and practicality, it's perhaps not often that you will find buyers talking openly about power, speed and the acceleration of cars that they are looking to buy. Will you be looked on with disdain? Will you be seen as the oddball that hasn't yet got the mess...
By UK Car Broker

Velar Added to the Range (Rover)

There aren't likely to be too many Range Rover Velar's seen with bales of hay, or even the occasional sheep, in the rear luggage compartment. The latest offering from Range Rover is about as far as it is possible to go from the original utilitarian workhorse, that reputedly had a plastic dashboar...
By UK Car Broker

Who Owns The RS5?

You're in a crowded bar restaurant and someone pokes their head through the entrance door to shout "Who owns the RS?". The whole place goes silent and everyone looks around to see who it will be. Who will be the lucky owner? A few years ago the question would probably have been to a different a...