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The Latest Seven Seater SUV From Audi Is The SQ7

This is the most powerful Audi Q7 which will out run some of the quickest hatchbacks.The twin-turbocharged V8 diesel engine is helped by an electric system that improves throttle response,a world first in a production car,and it really steals the show out on the road thanks to mind-blowing acceleration.Also a world first is a clever electrical system that controls the Audi SQ7’s active suspension, which in turn keeps this 2.3-tonne leviathan under control in fast corners.

Audi SQ7 passenger space

Front-seat passengers in the SQ7 get electrically adjustable heated seats upholstered in a combination of leather and Alcantara suede, while passengers in the middle row get acres of space. You can also fit three baby seats in the back and two small children in the rearmost row.

Audi SQ7 boot space 

With all seven seats up there is 295 litres of space – it won’t be enough for the luggage of seven, but it’s still about 50 litres more than what a supermini such as the Skoda Citigo can fit. When five seats are in use the boot swells to 770 litres which is more than in the Mercedes GLS (680 litres) and BMW X5 (660 litres). Fold all the seats and the resulting 1,955-litre capacity is actually more than the maximum capacity of the practical VW Touran MPV. 

Audi generally does interiors extremely well, and the Audi SQ7's is no exception

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