By UK Car Broker

Iconic Defender Update

The iconic foundations of Land Rover are to be rekindled for next year. While some models such as the Range Rover Sport and Evoque will continue to receive 'mid-life' tweaks and refinement in their development, the Defender will be brought back to continue on from the recent introduction of the Range Rover Velar to keep the Land Rover new model production conveyor belt moving.

Early indications are that the new Defender will be recognisable to all that acknowledge the model as the bedrock of Land Rover, but it will also provide the luxurious refinement of the later models available from the manufacturer. The Defender will provide base derivatives that will be 'fit for purpose' as well as high specification luxury versions that will attract attention at the Polo match - so something for everyone. All are anticipated to keep the 'go-anywhere' heritage that brought such popularity and respect to the brand. 

Whether the new Defender creation is able to whoo the die-hard Land Rover enthusiast and entice them to buy new, as well as enticing a new market of buyers altogether, is yet to be seen. But the vehicle is going to be very popular amongst those seeking something a little different, those seeking adventure and those trying to get that bit closer to the big outdoors. 

We offer good discounts on all of the current Land Rover range and will be able to supply the new Defender at equally good rates as soon as it becomes available. Watch this space! 

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