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By UK Car Broker
The Big Cat E Pace
There may be an argument that Jaguar Land Rover have arrived a little late to the SUV market, with the recently introduced F Pace, but there can be little argument that the imminent arrival of the Jaguar Land Rover compact SUV, the E Pace, will cre...
By UK Car Broker
Iconic Defender Update
The iconic foundations of Land Rover are to be rekindled for next year. While some models such as the Range Rover Sport and Evoque will continue to receive 'mid-life' tweaks and refinement in their development, the Defender will be brought back to c...
By UK Car Broker
Velar Added to the Range (Rover)
There aren't likely to be too many Range Rover Velar's seen with bales of hay, or even the occasional sheep, in the rear luggage compartment. The latest offering from Range Rover is about as far as it is possible to go from the original utilitaria...