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By UK Car Broker
The Big Cat E Pace
There may be an argument that Jaguar Land Rover have arrived a little late to the SUV market, with the recently introduced F Pace, but there can be little argument that the imminent arrival of the Jaguar Land Rover compact SUV, the E Pace, will cre...
By UK Car Broker
2018 Range Rover Sport
Subtle changes have been made to the body styling of the Range Rover Sport for 2018 - to meet the requests of previous customers that said to the design team - ‘Don’t change it, just make it better’. That statement speaks volumes for the custom...
By UK Car Broker
Compact SUV? Try the VW T-Roc
You're thinking of buying a compact Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV), but you're not sure what to choose. Well, the good news is that your task is just about to become a little bit easier. Volkswagen are to introduce a new competitor to the market - th...