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Quick Word About the New Audi RS3 - Speedy

In this day and age of fuel economy, safety and practicality, it's perhaps not often that you will find buyers talking openly about power, speed and the acceleration of cars that they are looking to buy. Will you be looked on with disdain? Will you be seen as the oddball that hasn't yet got the message? Hide your face in shame if you want to blister away from the lights or rip up your favourite bit of tarmac. Whisper quietly to your friends in a loud crowded pub about the possible performance of your car on its first trip or keep a closed group of trusted friends for those on your preferred social media that feel the same way about their cars. But why not shout out from the roof tops that your next car is going to be fast? 

There are cars that are fast bling, there are cars that portray being fast without actually being that fast at all - and then there are cars like the Audi RS3. With an acceleration of 0-62 miles per hour in 4.1 seconds it's faster than a 542bhp, 5.0 litre supercharged Jaguar XKR - and most other cars on the road. The top speed of the RS3 is a claimed 174 miles per hour from a 400bhp engine, but you'll have to head to Germany's autobahns or the track to test whether that is accurate.

It is understated in its shape, but the tell-tale signs of its pedigree are there. Most won't look at the Audi RS3 and think of it as a fast car, but those that know will be looking on in awe (awe, noun - a feeling of great respect sometimes mixed with fear or surprise).

The mirrors of those that you are following will be full of a big grill and large scoops to feed the beast with air. And when you pass, your average motorist will be able to see the big-bore twin exhausts for that little bit longer as you disappear into the distance with a throaty roar. They may have had a chance to glimpse the subtly flared wheel arches, or even the rear roof spoiler, as you pass, but they'll be left wondering whether you've got the RS sports suspension or RS brakes to handle the speed and power. Of course, you have.

You don't need to go fast all of the time, but its nice to know that you can if you want to. So, whether you prefer the RS3 Saloon or the RS3 Sportback, you're going to have to be 'speedy' to catch one.

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