By UK Car Broker

Summer Shutdown Impact

If you are thinking of ordering a new car, be aware that many of the continental car manufacturers have a summer break. The 'factory fortnight' was recognised for years in the United Kingdom but has now, perhaps, become a thing of the past. Traditionally the last week in July and the first week in August were recognised by many manufacturers, not just the motor industry, but any that were production line based. The practice is still widespread in many European car producing nations - and further afield. 

Wherever in the world, the factories are unlikely to shut down altogether. Production will be halted, giving time for essential maintenance, improvements in efficiency, machinery repair or replacements and maybe the development of new lines to manufacture new models. There are also the arguments that shutting down is economically more efficient, saving energy when many staff prefer to have a summer break anyway. In reality, by their very nature, it would be impossible to maintain a production line with a large number of workers missing - and summer has traditionally been a quiet period for car purchase.

Of course many manufacturers are questioning the validity of summer shutdown and they are increasingly building in the ability to maintain production throughout the year. However, for the time being, whether your new car will be produced in France, Spain, Italy or Germany - or further afield in Mexico or the United States of America, there may be a further delay in delivery of between two and four weeks.

So, what does this mean to you? If you order a new car through UK Car Broker we will secure a delivery date for you, taking into consideration any summer shutdowns that may be planned by your chosen manufacturer. The date is unlikely to change, but if it does we will inform you immediately. If the date of delivery is too far from your chosen order point, we would be happy to try and find you a similar specification vehicle, close to your original requirements, that is available for immediate purchase - if you would prefer.

Factory order lead time can vary from a few weeks to a few months. Simply put, when you order a new car, with specific build options, there will be a build period to determine your delivery date. If you want to get your car as close to the new 67 Plate, please order as soon as possible.

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