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The Big Cat E Pace

There may be an argument that Jaguar Land Rover have arrived a little late to the SUV market, with the recently introduced F Pace, but there can be little argument that the imminent arrival of the Jaguar Land Rover compact SUV, the E Pace, will create quite a stir. 

It would, at first glance, be easy to dismiss the E Pace as a smaller version of the F Pace, but closer examination perhaps reveals more similarity to the Jaguar F type. At the front there is the rectangular front grill and large air scoops to ensure a healthy air flow to the Jaguars lungs. It has sleek lines at its headlights and rear side windows, a smaller rear window and a powerful-looking, compact rear-end.

With its elevated driving position that is favoured by many, the E Pace shape has more than a hint of sportiness that is absent in most other compact SUV competitors. The design approach smacks of innovation and is extremely appealing to the eye - and the inside is equally attractive. However, attractiveness is probably a poor second consideration in comparison to its ‘connectivity’. There is enough electronic wizardry to keep a whole pack of WiFi-hungry teenagers happy, with a 4G WiFi hotspot to connect up to eight devices and five USB charging ports.

The E Pace is not just attractive to look at, inside and out, it is practical too. With rear seats folded flat there is a total luggage space of 1,234 litres and a plethora of storage cubby holes will ensure that everything has a safe place to hide while you are travelling.

So, a beautiful looking compact SUV, that is going to take a large share of the market, not just for its looks but also for its practicality and quality of build - something that Jaguar Land Rover has consciously dramatically improved upon.

The E Pace will go on sale in late 2017, with the first vehicles arriving in late December, but orders can be placed now. Configure yours and let us give you a quote for the most attractive and yet practical compact SUV to date. We have very competitive financial rates available for PCP and PCH.

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