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Velar Added to the Range (Rover)

There aren't likely to be too many Range Rover Velar's seen with bales of hay, or even the occasional sheep, in the rear luggage compartment. The latest offering from Range Rover is about as far as it is possible to go from the original utilitarian workhorse, that reputedly had a plastic dashboard to make it easier to hose down. 

Range Rover Velar Front View

At a surprisingly low entry level price there are likely to be many sold as the next offering hits the showrooms in the near future. Although it is priced to sit between the Range Rover Evoque and the Range Rover Sport, the Range Rover Velar is way out in front of both of them with its looks. Looking decidedly sporty, with it's low slung roof line, flush to body door handles and curvaceous rear end, it is unmistakably a Range Rover, but it looks 'new'.

Range Rover Velar Interior

The revolution that has taken place on the external smooth, sleek looks is continued inside, where cloth seats will be offered as an alternative to the traditional leather. There are touch screens, virtual cockpits and head-up displays that will keep children large and small entertained and - on the practical side, normal size adults will fit comfortably in the rear seats (a real improvement on the Evoque) - and the rear seats will fold flat to take that occasional sheep to market.

Not many have driven the new Velar to date, but those that have describe it as stable, comfortable, rooted to the road - and fast. The Velar is available with diesel engines at launch, but with a petrol version to be offered soon, there will be a model for everyone.

Range Rover Velar Rear

Yes, you will see them on the school run and yes, if you're not quick your neighbour will be the first on the street to get one. But don't let either of those things stop you from checking out the Range Rover Velar. Think of its roots, where it has come from, how good it looks, how competitively priced it is - and how it looks far better than than most of its rivals (BMW X6 or Mercedes GLE Coupe).

You will be surprised how affordable the Range Rover Velar really is, so check out the prices here - and place your order before your neighbour!

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