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Who Owns The RS5?

You're in a crowded bar restaurant and someone pokes their head through the entrance door to shout "Who owns the RS?". The whole place goes silent and everyone looks around to see who it will be. Who will be the lucky owner? 

A few years ago the question would probably have been to a different audience in a different establishment, with a different demographic. The term RS has always been synonymous with a high end model car, very fast and something a little bit special. The badge has traditionally been owned by Ford Motor Company - the RS2000, Escort RS Turbo or the Sierra RS Cosworth, in the same way that Volkswagen own the GTI badge. The cars bearing the badge bring back memories associated with the Rally Sport heritage of the Ford RS - and the cars were intended to replicate some legendary rally wins in the mind of the few that would own what was a beast of a car, in whichever guise it came. 

Audi RS5

More recently Audi have started using the RS badge on their range of cars, starting with the RS3 and RSQ3, and most recently extending to the RS5. Audi promote the RS range as a 'sub-range of the Audi Sport family, combining super car performance with everyday practicality'. The cars are a heady mix of fantastic 'performance with luxury and refinement' that you will find it hard to beat from any other manufacturer. The RS range is based on the standard model, but has more aggressive styling and some beefed up parts that make them look hungry for air and fast standing still. 

Driving any Audi feels safe, secure, sturdy and reliable - well built, like they should be. The RS badge and modifications give the cars the instant extra kerb appeal, and driving them, a tingle through your body like touching an electric fence, that will make you smile every time you get into it. 

The entire Audi RS range are objects of desire to most mere mortals, but only a few will own what so many crave. So, in the future, when you're sitting in a crowded swanky bar restaurant in the middle of town and someone shouts in through the entrance door "Who owns the RS?", will it be you? Own it - you know you to! 

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