New Audis All Around!

Audi have announced thet they are releasing a plethora of new RS models to compete with their competitors and add a bit more fun to the lives of the many. Because of this, we thought we would have a dig around and do some reviews of these all-new models.

New Audi RS3 5drs and 4drs Saloon

The New Audi RS3 is out now, and for the first time, a new, sleeker four-door saloon has been added to the line up. joining the more conventional five-door hatchback.

This new model has added a more aggressive look to the original body of the A3 and features some impressive performance credentials.

New Audi RS5 Coupé

The second generation Audi RS5 is bolder-looking, faster, more powerful and is out now! They will be following this with a 5drs model, around December time.

This new RS5 is 74mm longer than the old car and serves up slightly more rear legroom as a result.

New Audi RS4

We have really had to do some digging to find any information abobut the latet RS4 Avant, it is expected to debut at this year's Frankfurt Motor Show, and should be out min next year

The upcoming RS4's bodywork is set to have a selection of large air intakes and vents to help cool it's more powerful twin turbo 3 litre V6 engine.